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Doctrine of Truth

"He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son" .... 2 John 1:9

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I'm working on a contractual basis. Please pray they make me regular soon. My boss said we will decide in next 2 weeks. Please pray for God's will to happen.

Benjamin , Bangalore
Praise the Lord. Still i have not received holy spirit. please pray for me. i have applied for USA Green card visa please pay for that i should be selected.

uma , Srilanka
please solve my problem, i have been cheated by some people and lost several lakhs or indian rupees my hard earned money, ad all my works are held up. my clients are getting furious on me, please solve this financial hurdles thank you

chetan s prabhu, bangalore kaatakrn
I am a humble God's servant. Kindly pray for me to win souls as much as possible. Now a days people are not coming to salvation. Please pray for Dr.Vimal & Dr. Nimmy to get salvation and be baptised. Also one Ammachy called Annamma. Please pray for my ministry, wisdom to discern people.

Reji Joseph, Saudi Arabia
Kindly pray for my daughter aged five years who was born at 27 weeks as a result of which her cerebellum had not fully developed, and hence she doesn't walk or talk now. I believe with all my heart that the Lord will heal and strengthen her completely. I pray and desire that it would be soon.

Liny, India
Praise the Lord. I am trying to take UAE light vehicle motor driving license for 5 years. Please pray for me to get the license soon.

We are suffering a lot of financial problems and this has stolen peace of our home. Dad is jobless and we have no source to pay our house rent, tuition fees, brother's college fee dues, transport and others and my school fee voucher will also come this or next month. Every bill, rent and dues are pending because of this problem. My dad is also very tensed. Kindly help us out by powerful prayers.

Cheryll, Lahore
Me and my husband separate. I love my husband. He is not consider about me. I live my mother lot of problem. I can not tell everything. i have no child. I am 35yers old. pls pray for me i want my husband. I want my life. Pls pray for me.

chitrarajasekar, trichy
Please pray for my friend who is struggling in a legal case from 3yrs in other country i am spending all my salary, taking money from other for interest and helping him to come back but still not happening. There is a person who is bribe people and putting him in more trouble and she is treating me that she will not allow him to come back. Please pray for him that he may come back to his home to

josephine, hyderabad