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Doctrine of Truth

"He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son" .... 2 John 1:9

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  • This Week:
    24th Jul - 27th Jul
    El Salvador
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    Freetown, Sierra Leone
Praise the Lord I am a TPM believer. I am doing computer job. My right eye have severe pain. Please pray for me to get heal soon.

Reny Thomas, India
Praise the lord I m a TPM believer..please pray for me to heal my brokenheart..all my doors are closed...and hopeless...satan took my happinesss...from the beginning of this year I m facing troubles and sorrows.. my dream towards future are becoming hopeless..nw I m standing in the turning point of life and don't know where to goo..please remember me in ur valuble prayer

jemy, kerala
Recently I lost my job and God should provide me an another one immediately. Also God should help me to clear all my outstanding. Kindly pray for me.

Paul, UAE
My wife is asking for a divorce and is living separately from me for the last one month. Humbling requesting your earnest prayer - for bringing her back and making our married life a blessed one.

Anonymous, Gulf, Gulf
My daughter her name is pearlin.she does not study properly.her full attention toward on mobile games.please pray for her god shoud give her wisdom,knowledge and understanding.

piara masih, chandigarh
praise the lord. pls pray for my family we are suffering from financial problem and their need to except Jesus. I have applied for USA GREEN CARD, need to be selected pls pray for me.

Sinduja, Sri Lanka

annonymous, gulf
I am Suresh Bezalel pray for me to get visa to Europe for job and ministry....thanks

suresh bezalel, india