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Doctrine of Truth

"He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son" .... 2 John 1:9

  • This Week:
    23rd Oct - 26th Oct
    Nagpur, India
  • This Week:
    23rd Oct - 26th Oct
    Kohima, India
  • Next Week:
    30th Oct - 2nd Nov
    Vadodara, India
  • Next Week:
    30th Oct - 2nd Nov
    Secunderabad, India
  • 4th Nov - 7th Nov
    Dubai, UAE
We are planning to create own website to proclaim gospel through website to reach unsaved people. also pray for below ministry yet to be start.. 1.Sunday School ministry in various places in Bangalore .. 2.Jail ministry 3.Prayer ministry. 4.Village ministry. 5.Old age home ministry. 6.Youth ministry. 7.Tracts ministry. 8.Pray for the volunteers needed for the above ministry. Sridhar

sridhar, bangalore
I want to be in touch with jesus Christ always with full hope,understanding,joy...i want to get rid from my bad activities ,but its very difficult for me to give up that,but i want to get rid from that...pls pray for me..

Praison, chennai
We are suffering a lot of financial problems and this has stolen peace of our home. Dad is jobless and we have no source to pay our house rent, tuition fees, brother's college fee dues, transport and others and my school fee voucher will also come this or next month. Every bill, rent and dues are pending because of this problem. My dad is also very tensed. Kindly help us out by powerful prayers.

Cheryll, Lahore
Am a backslider and left the church in 1985 . I do not attend church as I consider myself a spiritual leper. My family are not with the Lord. I dreamt a dream / vision where I saw a huge serpent inhabiting my heart. I tried to pull out this serpent and it started giving birth to many smaller serpents. Plesse pray for mr

Joy Mathew, Hyderabad,India
praise the lord i am ramesh searching for job and recently married and my wife carrier and i am also tpm believer in Andhra so.., brothers and sisters prayer for me thank u so much.., praise the lord brother

ramesh, andhra
I have a brother and a sister who are both ill. Please pray that God should heal them completely, body soul and spirit and restore them. Thank you

Dilip, Darch
Dear Jesus, Heal my Wife from here Migraine and all the ailments she has forever, Dear Jesus Also do bless us with a Children.

Savera, Dubai