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Doctrine of Truth

"He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son" .... 2 John 1:9

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Praise the lord. I want to go for full time serving god in tpm ministry but i am not having calling. All of you Please pray that i should get confirmation of my calling for the full time serving. Hope you all do remember me in your prayers.

Rachel, Vijayawada
My friend & me are expecting special power from God ,The Almighty, to do the work of the Lord. Please pray for me. Philip TX

Philip, texas
I am a humble God's servant. Kindly pray for me to win souls as much as possible. Now a days people are not coming to salvation. Please pray for Dr.Vimal & Dr. Nimmy to get salvation and be baptised. Also one Ammachy called Annamma. Please pray for my ministry, wisdom to discern people.

Reji Joseph, Saudi Arabia
Kindly pray for my daughter aged five years who was born at 27 weeks as a result of which her cerebellum had not fully developed, and hence she doesn't walk or talk now. I believe with all my heart that the Lord will heal and strengthen her completely. I pray and desire that it would be soon.

Liny, India
Respected Brothers& Sisters, I request to pray for my family and my only daughters health,pray for our prosperity in life we have faced to many failures in past two yrs and disturbed our self a lot,please pray for us so that the coming new year must be a blessing from god.I am newly saved pray for me also.

Abhilash, secunderabad
Beloved brothers and sister of TPM CHURCH, please pray for me, because at present i dont have job,and due to this , i am deppresed and sad. Brothers and sisters of TPM CHURCH , genuinely i am very very sad . Please pray earnestly for me.

Subhash balusupalli, Avanigadda, krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Praise the Lord God should help me to study well and make me to get good scores and make me to excel in everything I do he should make me his child please uphold me in your valuable prayers

Ewin Joseph Elvis, Saudi Arabia
I am a missionary in Shimla.pls pray forus to obtain our vision clearly

sudha, shimla
Praise the Lord. Pastor, Please pray for my health. I am suffering from severe headache and spondilytis. I believe that Only our Lord can heal me through the blood of Jesus. Hence, pleases pray for my health.

Please pray for my sons MJS Abhishek & M Zion Aseesh. He is studying 10th Class. This year he has to write ICSE Board Examination. I am enable to tackle with my son and he stopped to attend the Sunday school on sundays and he wants to excuse as he is very busy with studies. Actually he is not much busy. He became a difficult behvious boy since One Year. Main thing is I am single Parent(Monther)

Am a backslider and left the church in 1985 . I do not attend church as I consider myself a spiritual leper. My family are not with the Lord. I dreamt a dream / vision where I saw a huge serpent inhabiting my heart. I tried to pull out this serpent and it started giving birth to many smaller serpents. Plesse pray for mr

Joy Mathew, Hyderabad,India
Dear Jesus, Thank U for accepting me as ur daughter.i was born and brought up in a Hindu family.i didn't even knew who Jesus was.But god had his own plans for me.He had given one of his sons as my partner...i had water baptism...and I am now a TPM believer...God has gifted us with a son..We are planning to live in Punjab..i beg all of U to pray for us..

Anusha Shine, Kattakada,Trivandrum,Kerala